About Us

Company profile:

Tehran Electrical Engineering (Bargh Ara) as a private owned company has been established

in 1998, providing diversified technology in renewable energy consisting the

development of solar photovoltaic, wind, hydro electrical and also CHP 

power plants in miniscale.

parallel to this activity, the company dedicates to the contracting services for innovation,

repair and maintenance of electrical power plants, construction and roads, irrigations, HVAC

installations, water and waste, oil and gas lines and piping.

More than 180 employees, 20% of which are senior engineers and R&D staff.

Bargh Ara offers Turnkey solutions, starting with the design, procurement and construction

as to say EPC contracting, for the development of the establishment in the above citeo trades and

sectors.Bargh Ara provides leading technology, giving you a competitive edge.

Being a valuable contractor in trade and market  the country, Bargh Ara obtained

the following grades certificates of competency from planning and budget organization:

Name of certificate                                                                                  Grade value

Electrical power projects                                                                                       3

Construction & roads                                                                                       3

HVAC installation                                                                                                3

Irrigation                                                                                                                 5

Water & waste                                                                                            5

Oil & Gas                                                                                                                5

Contemporery with the contracting activities, the company has gained the necessary

permition certificates and also the lands for the development of the following power plants and


-10 MW solar power plant in Eivankey 

-25 MW solar power plant in pay-e- takht

-10 MW solar power plant in Garmsar

-20 MW CHP power plant in pay-e-takht

-600 KW hydro electrical power plant in Aidoghmush

-3 MW solar power plant in Ghom

And some other different projects in hand which are under the programming and


We are always interested to hear from you, whether you are a customer, an

investor and/ or a member of professional looking for cooperations with us.

To achieve all of the goals and purposes, the company is fully supported by its

highly expetised personnel concentrated in higher and modern management